At CrossFit Stellenbosch we offer a world class, general physical preparedness program (CrossFit). Via top class coaching we’ll guide you to your unique goals effectively, efficiently and  safely.  

Every member here receives equal attention and guidance regardless of their goals, level of fitness or ability.

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Healthier, Fitter, Happier

Our primary focus at CrossFit Stellenbosch is to help our clients to reach their long-term health and fitness goals as efficiently and effectively as possible and to sustain those results for life.

We offer various exercise programs and will recommend a suitable and effective solution for your specific expectations, needs and goals.


Crossfit Stellenbsoch

CrossFit Stellenbosch was established in 2013 and is the oldest and longest-standing CrossFit affiliate in Stellenbosch. We are proud to offer a world-class training program and create an environment that is always friendly, non-threatening, supportive, and fun. Learn more


The community you’ll find at CrossFit Stellenbosch consists of people of all shapes and sizes, of various ages. They are from different walks of life & they come together to achieve a common goal. They feel comfortable here, they want to be as healthy and fit as possible and stay this way for life. This is where they do it.

"You do not need to be fit, athletic or in amazing
shape to feel at home here."

Coaching Options

Group Coaching

starting @

R1265 pm

3 sessions p/week

1-on-1 Private

starting @

R395 per session

8 sessions

Small Group Private

starting @

R325 per session

8 sessions

R769 pm*

Kids (7-12)

starting @


4 sessions

Teens (13-17)

starting @


4 sessions

12-Week Program

R1865 pm*

3 sessions per week

*3 month commitment


R1068 pm*

* 6 month commitment


Remote Program

starting @

R149 pm*

*1 year commitment


What is Crossfit?

In a nutshell, CrossFit is a general physical preparedness program which means we focus on several aspects of fitness in pursuit of our goals.

You’ll find us doing body weight exercise such as pull ups, push-ups and sit ups to name a few. We do ‘cardio’ type training which includes running, rowing and skipping and we lift weights too. These movements from several modalities are included in workouts of varied duration at differing loads meaning just about every workout is a ‘new’ experience.

You won’t get bored.

There are a vast number of exercises and variations in each of these categories allowing us to infinitely scale exercises in such a way that anyone can take part regardless of strength, skill or fitness level. This makes it an ideal pursuit for those looking to get back into shape and for those looking to improve performance too.


"This makes it an ideal pursuit for those looking to
get back into shape."