Small Group Personal Training

This is the perfect option if you have a friend or a small group of friends or colleagues and would love to exercise together. Your goals need not be identical to exercise together. Workouts are tailored for each participant depending on that person’s level, ability and goals. Can you think of a better environment to exercise in than with your friends? You have the added advantage of a flexible schedule, more favourable pricing and the option of adding a personalised, Precision Nutrition Guide for each participant too.

What are your specific goals?

  • Weight loss for total transformation¬†
  • Body recomposition for short term goals (body shape)
  • General health, overall fitness and improved body shape
  • Regain your previous shape and set new goal

What can you expect?

  • Personal attention for each participant

  • Personalized training program

  • Flexible training schedule

  • Favourable group rate

  • Add-on personalized nutrition program option


Get your group together and take advantage of this great opportunity to get into the best possible shape now!

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