12 Weeks of progress and change

Take charge of your results with world class coaching sessions and a personal nutrition plan too.

This is a fantastic way to kick off 2021 and will set you up for a year of success. The 12 Week Transformation Program is designed to get you back on track and building solid, healthy habits that will lead to long term success. After a short beginner program (week 1) to teach you our basic movements you’ll exercise 3 times a week in our coach led, group training sessions.

The foundation for success is without a doubt the adherence to sound nutrition principles that can be sustained for life. We’ll supply you with a personalised nutrition guide taking your current level, preferences, needs and goals into account. With these tools and with the support of your coaches and fellow members you’ll have no choice but to start transforming into the best version of yourself.

What can you expect?

  • 3 Training sessions per week for 12 weeks

  • All training sessions led by CrossFit trainers

  • Personal coaching and attention in every session

  • All workouts scaled based on your personal needs and goals

  • Awesome group class dynamic

  • Nutrition consultation and coaching options

  • Personalized nutrition guide

  • Follow Up nutrition coaching sessions

  • On-Ramp/Beginner course is included


Let's make the changes that will make your health and fitness dreams come true in 2021!

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