Join our community.

All new members complete our On-Ramp/Beginner course. The program consists of 2, one hour long coaching only sessions in your first week. The purpose is to familiarise beginners with what CrossFit is all about and our fundamental (basic) movements. You will get a great idea of what to expect in a typical session here and you’ll get to know our community and culture.

We run the On-Ramp program most weeks throughout the year with some exceptions. Our schedule for this is fairly flexible and can be arranged individually in advance. These sessions are presented on a 1-on-1 basis or in small groups and thereafter new participants fall in with the classes on the regular schedule.

We know it’s tough to start something new. Quite often the only thing holding us back from reaching our goals is fear of the unknown.

A new fitness program and an unfamiliar environment can seem daunting but as our members will tell you, ‘you have nothing to fear about this program’. After all, wouldn’t it be exciting to embark on a journey that will help you to realise your health and fitness dreams? Getting started with us is easy.

Step 1.

Set up an ‘INTRO’ session or a 1-on-1 meeting.

Every CrossFit box (gym) is different and this is an ‘obligation free’ opportunity to come in and experience our environment, community and program for yourself. This introduction serves as an information sharing opportunity and may include a short workout at your discretion.

Step 2.

Join our easy, ‘On-Ramp/Beginner’ program.

This program consists of 2 sessions in week 1 and 3 sessions in week 2. You will first be taught our fundamental movements and how to execute them correctly. Then you will join our regular classes for 3 training sessions and, while moving at your own pace put what you have learned into practice.

Step 3.

Choose a suitable membership option.

We will assist you in deciding which option to go for so that your choice delivers the experience and results you want.

Set yourself up for success today!

Our program is proven effective and implemented by our coaches in a safe and efficient manner.