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CrossFit Stellenbosch was established in 2013 and is the oldest and longest standing CrossFit affiliate in Stellenbosch. We are not only proud of offering a world class training program, but also of creating an environment which is always friendly, non-threatening, supportive and fun too. You do not need to be fit, athletic or in amazing shape to feel at home here. The community you’ll find consists of people of all shapes and sizes, of various ages and from different walks of life who come together to achieve a common goal. They feel comfortable here, they want to be as healthy and fit as possible and stay this way for life. This is where they do it.

Do you want to succeed and get the results you've dreamed of?

Everyone understands the importance of taking care of physical health and well-being. People make resolutions all the time to live healthier and more active lives but fail to follow through on this promise to themselves.

Then why do people often fail at something that’s so important?

Well, it’s easy to find a gym, pay for membership and wear the right clothes but this alone seldom allows people to reach their health, fitness and body shape goals. Successful programs which deliver long term results are characterised by aspects other than what is normally expected in the gym environment and this is what sets us apart.

We also want you to succeed and here’s why you’ll love training with us and get the results you want too:

  • Customized Program and Workouts

    Every workout  is tailored for your specific ability and fitness level

  • Coach Led Training Sessions

    Our professional coaches lead every training session and coach you through it too.

  • Personal Attention in Every Class

    You will receive coaching and feedback from the duty coach every time you come in.

  • Motivation and Support

    We’ll keep you motivated and support you all the way to your goals

  • Friendship and Accountability

    This is one of the greatest strengths in our community. Your training partners and friends will challenge, inspire and support you.

  • Functional Training

    Our workouts consist of movements that your body is naturally designed to perform in daily life.

Where else will you find that?

It’s difficult to put into words what happens when a bunch of friends get together to take on challenging workouts. Inherent competitive tendencies are certainly evident and this in itself motivates individuals to work harder to reach their goals. However there is something that’s also always evident and even more powerful. These people want their friends to succeed too and go out of their way to motivate, support and cheer them on.

Our Coaches

Our aim is for every member to improve, even if it’s just in some small way each time they attended a training session. This leads to a true sense of accomplishment for both the trainee and the coach. It’s what drives us and it keeps our members coming back for more small victories which add up to some amazing and unbelievable results.  

Russell Burgess

Owner | Head Coach
CrossFit Level 2, Precision Nutrition L1, CrossFit Kids, CrossFit Gymnastics

Dale Edwards

CrossFit Level 1, BAH Human Kinetics and Ergonomics

Nicole Loubser

Crossfit Level 1

Keegan Lord

Crossfit Level 2

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