What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is a training program that can be used to accomplish any health & fitness goal including weight loss, strength and muscle gain as well as improved sports performance. The program is characterized by safe, effective exercise and sound nutrition principles.

It works for everyone and our coaches will scale it appropriately for you whether you’re just starting out or have years of training experience. 

The workouts are constantly varied (you won’t get bored) and are made up of movements that are functional which means normal daily life and the tasks it involves will become easier too. You’ll have more energy, feel fitter and stronger and you’ll look incredible too.

What can you expect?

  • 60 minute training sessions

  • Every session is led by a qualified CrossFit trainer

  • Personal attention in every session

  • All workouts scaled based on your personal needs and goals

  • Membership options that suit your lifestyle and goals

  • Up to 6 training sessions per week

  • Support and motivation in our group class setting

  • FREE On-Ramp/Beginner course with a 12 month commitment

Membership Options

All the options below are centered around our CrossFit Group Coaching classes. It’s important that you choose the option that’s best suited to you so that you can reach your goals safely and in the shortest possible time.

Contact us for our couples discount, student and corporate rates. 


R1 265 per month*
  • Take CrossFit training to the next level 
  • Improve health and fitness
  • Make serious changes to body shape
  • Accelerate results and improve faster


  • 2 small group or personal, 1-on-1 on-ramp (beginner) coaching sessions in month 1 
  • 5 group CrossFit coaching sessions per week (60 min)


R925 per month*
  • Stay more active despite a busy work / travel schedule
  • Improve general health & fitness
  • Supplement other sports specific activity in order to improve performance (professional or recreational)
  • In season strength and conditioning


  • 2 small group or personal , 1-on-1 on-ramp (beginner) coaching sessions in month 1
  • 10 group CrossFit coaching sessions per month (60 min)


  • This membership is reserved for those who have a proven track record in CrossFit competition or wish to become more competitive and have the potential and work ethic that warrants this approach.
  • Details and pricing available on request.

*Rates are based on a 12-month commitment via debit order.


Let’s make the changes that will make your health and fitness dreams come true. 2020 is far from over!

Contact us now to find out more about how effective and enjoyable our CrossFit group classes are.

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