Have happy employees

There is a vast body of evidence highlighting the benefits of having fit and healthy individuals as employees. Ultimately, corporate / business leaders want their employees to be healthy and happy. Such employees are more likely to work hard, engage their colleagues, and take pride in the company’s mission and profitability. For this reason, companies are encouraging healthy activities amongst their employees.

Our corporate health and fitness program includes all the benefits of regular membership but at a reduced group rate. For large corporate groups we offer space exclusivity and additional time slots that suit your work day.

What can you expect?

  • 60 minute training sessions

  • Every session is led by a qualified CrossFit trainer

  • Personal attention for each participant in every session

  • All workouts scaled based on personal needs and goals

  • Corporate rates

  • 3 Training sessions per week

  • Awesome group class dynamic and team building atmosphere

  • FREE On-Ramp/Beginner course with a 12 month commitment


Do you want healthier and happier employees that contribute more to your bottom line?

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