We love coaching, helping people to improve every day and witnessing the incredible changes that take place when our program is followed consistently.


Russell Burgess

Owner | Head Coach
CrossFit Level 2, Precision Nutrition L1, CrossFit Kids, CrossFit Gymnastics

Russell has over 7 years experience as a fitness trainer and has coached hundreds of clients during that time. As an avid sportsman and health and fitness enthusiast, Russell realizes that individuals can only reach their goals and full potential if they receive accurate advice, coaching and support. He wishes that this was available to him during his early fitness pursuits and is driven by this so that others will also not miss out on opportunities to be truly great at what they do.


Dale Edwards

Crossfit Level 1, BAH Human Kinetics and Ergonomics

Dale has a background in ultra endurance sports and has been a personal trainer for 4 years. He strives to use his education and training experience to provide accurate advice, support and coaching to help others achieve their health and fitness goals effectively and to make this a FUN experience. Dale is a specialist in functional training and rehabilitation for seniors, strength and conditioning for endurance athletes and weight loss.


Nicole Loubser

CrossFit Level 1

‘I enjoy Crossfit because I get to see all the muscular men competing and taking their shirts off :). But seriously now, Crossfit is such an awesome challenge everyday, no matter what the workout is. It’s always different and challenges one to become better in all aspects of fitness. I also enjoy the feeling of flames in my lungs as I do the last 400m sprint in a workout.’

Nicole has a gymnastics background and even though she has a busy, full time career as a highly respected executive head chef, she still makes time to train and offer her services as a CrossFit coach. She has been involved with CrossFit STELLENBOSCH since its inception in 2013 and is motivated to help people through coaching to find the same joy in Crossfit that she found 7 years ago.

Having worked abroad and travelled extensively, the friendly, warm and inviting atmosphere at CrossFit STELLENBOSCH still stands out for her. ‘I love how helpful and kind every person is that walks through the door, the cheering on during workouts and of course our social get togethers’


Keegan Lord

CrossFit Level 2

Keegan was a competitive swimmer growing up and during a break from serious training decided to start CrossFit as a supplementary practice in order to become a better swimmer. He quickly fell in love with CrossFit so much so that it is currently his full time sport and he decided to become a coach too.

‘The knowledge that I am helping others to achieve their goals is why I love coaching so much. Being a part of the CrossFit Stellenbosch community is something special. Everyone is different, has different lives and goals but the feeling is incredible when we get together to work out. It’s the best hour of the day! The support and motivation we all give each other is unlike any other training environment I have ever experienced.’

Keegan is our youngest coach but has progressed rapidly and grown into a confident and accomplished coach. In a relatively short period of time he has completed his CF-L2 making him one of the youngest holders of this qualification.

Do something today, that your future self will thank you for.