Established in 2013, we are the longest standing CrossFit affiliate in the area. Our mission is to improve the health, fitness and performance of our members efficiently (in reasonably, the shortest possible time), effectively (reach your goals) and as safely as possible. 
No shortcuts, quick fixes or word mincing of any kind. We’ll tell the truth about what it will take for you to reach your goals.

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What are we about

CrossFit Stellenbosch is CrossFit affiliated & focused on the induvidual. We have a strong focus on coaching coupled with a  holistic outlook on your long term physical improvement and health.


Vision & History

Our core focus is to deliver an effective, world class exercise and coaching experience for anyone willing to put in the honest effort it takes to realize change and improvement in health, fitness, and appearance.

CrossFit Stellenbosch was established in 2013 and is the oldest and longest standing CrossFit affiliate in Stellenbosch. We are not only proud to offer a world class training program, but also of creating an environment which is always friendly, non-threatening, supportive and fun too.



CrossFit Stellenbosch is located in the, trendy, upmarket and secure Woodmill complex on Vredenburg Road in Stellenbosch. Access to the complex is security controlled and offers ample, secure and free parking for our clients.

Our gym itself is fully kitted out for our purposes and each client is guaranteed a dedicated space in every session. We limit our membership and will never allow the space to be over booked. Modern, clean bathrooms and showers are easily accessible to our members too.

What is CrossFit?

In a nutshell, CrossFit is a general physical preparedness program which means we focus on several aspects of fitness in pursuit of our goals.

You’ll find us doing body weight exercise such as pull ups, push-ups and sit ups to name a few. We do ‘cardio’ type training which includes running, rowing and skipping and we lift weights too. These movements from several modalities are included in workouts of varied duration at differing loads meaning just about every workout is a ‘new’ experience.

You won’t get bored.

There are a vast number of exercises and variations in each of these categories allowing us to infinitely scale exercises in such a way that anyone can take part regardless of strength, skill or fitness level. This makes it an ideal pursuit for those looking to get back into shape and for those looking to improve performance too.



"This makes it an ideal pursuit for those looking to
get back into shape."



A very important aspect of CrossFit training is the presence of coaches who continually strive to improve the movement quality and training experience of their clients. An effective CrossFit coach is not only properly qualified but also always aims to give each client something valuable or important to work on in every session regardless of the class size.

Good movement standards come first, then we aim to repeat this good standard consistently and only once this is achieved do we add load or speed (intensity). Our coaching body is well equipped to deliver the CrossFit program as it was intended and among the best qualified not only here in Stellenbosch but anywhere for that matter.